Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tatting again!

I'm shuttle tatting again. I've completed enough hen & chicks edging for a side and 1/2 of a handkerchief, and I am as proud of it as anything I've tatted in a long time. The elbow is coming along. Physical therapy starts today to try to improve the strength and mobility.

Looking back over the blog, I realize that I've forgotten to post an important episode in my tatting. A few weeks ago I wrote a little poem to go with handkerchief donations/gifts. I've had good response to the poem and am considering pursuing a copyright. I am glad to share it with anyone who would like to use it for personal gift giving. Please just include my name as the author.

When life gets harder
Than it should
And troubles far
Outweigh the good,

Know that others
Ache with you.
They’ve also shed
A tear or two.

In days gone by,
Women strong
Were faced with trials
And journeys long.

They dried their tears
With a hanky sweet,
Then raised their heads
The road to meet.

Strong and brave,
Like them you’ll be
And find in time

Joy Walsh