Thursday, December 30, 2010


Recently I was asked the following about my hankies: " I have a question for you about them and maybe even your bonnet....Do you tat the edging and sew it on or do you tat it to the edges as you go? Or, do you do it both ways and if so, which do you like best?"

My preference is to buy the hankies fron handy hands that have the holes around the edges and attach the lace as I tat. This also works for linens that I hemstitch by hand. I like the feeling of being finished when the tatting's done, and I can adjust the length or pattern if it's not fitting right.

I do sometimes complete lace and sew it on. This is usually when I have store-bought hankies, pillow cases, table tunners, hand towels, etc. In the case of the bonnet, I had tatted the lace for a store-bought hanky; then it didn't fit, so I hemmed a piece of linen to the right size, sewed on the lace, and made up the bonnet.

All roads lead to Rome!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

One-handed Project

Here's the scarf I just finished. I used the pocket knitter that I got for Christmas and then did a single-crochet edge to help it lie flat (turns out I can crochet left-handed: who knew?). It's made with lion brand chenille thick and quick yarn.

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Hi Everyone. I'm on the mend. The ulnar nerve was crushed in scar tissue, so it needed to be moved again, and the sugeon shaved down the bone a bit while he was there. I had a little trouble in the blood pressure/blood oxygen level areas, so they couldnt give me pain meds when I woke up. It was a rough evening. Now we seem to have the pain under control and are waiting for the swelling and numbness to settle down. I got a little pocket knitting board for Christmas that i can manage with one hand. It and the nintendo ds are keeping me occupied.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Racing the Clock

I'm trying to get as much tatting (and decorating, and baking, and shopping) done as I can before my elbow surgery #2 on Thursday. I forgot to take pictures of the snowflakes and ornaments I made for cards before I sent them out, but I do have a picture of my latest hanky. This is for a coworker's daughter's wedding in the spring. I wanted to make sure it was done in plenty of time because I don't know how the elbow rehab will go.