Monday, February 25, 2008

25 Motif Challenge - #2

Tonight's project was the Tatted Flying Ladybug from I borrowed the idea of magnetic beads, and I have to say that they are a challenge!

The picture turned out a bit dark, and the chains are not lying very flat yet (they should settle down with some blocking), but you get the idea.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Birthday Gift

Here is a dresser scarf that I just finished for my mother-in-law's birthday. Her birthday is tomorrow, so I'm even on time (that hardly ever happens!). The design is done with embroidery paints, and, of course, it has hen & chicks edging.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Doily Update and 25 Motif Challenge

Well, I made a little bit of progress on the doily. I've also joined the 25 motif challenge, so I spent the evening working on my FIRST entry - Thistle Bookmark by J. N. Faeih. The variegated thread is size 20, but that's all I know as it was an "orphan" ball from my dad's stash. The green for the stem is size 30 Cebelia (DMC). Here is the link to the pattern.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

First Doily!

Well, I said that I was ready to start a "serious" project; I guess this one qualifies. I've finished the first 3 rounds of "Duet Doily" from The Tatter's Treasure Chest edited by Mary Carolyn Waldrep. I am pleased with the results so far, since it is lying flat and the imperfections seem to be ones that will clean up pretty well with some blocking when I'm finished. That will be after 4 more rounds.

I have 2 thoughts about doily making at this stage:

1. This reminds me of a band sampler in counted cross-stitch with each row using a different set of stitches.

2. The more progress you make, the longer each part takes (I know it makes sense, but the patterns don't do this concept justice when they list the directions for the rounds, and they all look so equal!).

Monday, February 18, 2008

More History

As I mentioned before, my father learned to tat from his mother. Here is her picture and a sample of her work. She passed away the same year I was born, so I do not have any first-hand memories of her, but my sister and daughter have her name, Amanda. As a side note, my grandfather (in the photo) was also a minister. Lots of family history!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Round Robin

This week is the first mailing of our round robin. I have chosen bookmarks as my theme, and here is the one that I tatted as a sample. It is the vertical arm only of "Large Cross" in Mary Konior's book called Tatting with Visual Patterns. It's done in size 30 Cebelia thread and measures 5.25 inches long. I found the pattern very interesting for its lack of outside picots.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


And here is my work from the online beginner's tatting class, which I just completed this week. I learned so much in such a short time - working with two shuttles, split rings and chains, beading, and more. Now I'm ready to jump into some "serious" projects!

Beginning Work

Here are my first projects (well, I consider them the first - I did a bookmark in the 1980's). There is some hen & chicks edging on a black scarf, several bookmarks, and a little tree ornament.


I am one of the very few people my age who are fortunate enough to have learned tatting (and several other needlecrafts) the old-fashioned way: at the knees of my parents and grandparents. Now that they have all passed on, I am honored beyond words to have this legacy to cherish and to continue.

My father learned to tat from his mother, and he taught my mother and her mother. I have an almost-complete collection of Workbasket magazine and a healthy collection of pattern books that they collected over the years. Most of my tatting memories are of my mother making hen & chicks edging for pillow cases. She made miles of the stuff - giving a set of pillowcases to each couple for whom my father (a Methodist minister) performed a wedding ceremony. After his retirement in the 1990's, they enjoyed tatting together, challenging each other with new patterns and comparing their work. Mom passed away in 1999, and Dad left us in December 2007.

I learned to do basic rings and chains when I was young, but have just picked up the shuttle in earnest since Dad's passing as a way to grieve our loss and to feel connected. Here is a photo of mom and dad, one of Dad's doilies, and a couple of Mom's pillow cases.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Up and Running

Well, I've decided to enter the world of blogging. On this site I plan to chronicle my adventures in tatting - my beginnings, memories, progress, and projects. Some of my friends and family will probably be glad to see it all in one place instead of the many individual eMails that they tolerate from me. For now, I'm heading off to work, but I'll be back with some "stuff" later (pictures, stories, etc.).