Sunday, May 18, 2008

Today's Adventure (#19)

I'm not currently participating in the TIAS because it was just a little bit intimidating, but I'm watching and thinking about it for later. However. . . the excellent diagrams of how to join to the button from a ring were a huge help, as I have struggled with this concept several times trying to complete "Snowflake from Avalon" shared by Mary Hickox in Online Tatting (1999 book edited by Georgia Seitz). I was so excited this morning when I saw the diagrams and realized that they were exactly what I needed that I loaded up my shuttles, grabbed a plastic ring, and started tatting. Here ends part one of the adventure.

Part 2: In my copy of the book, there is no size for the plastic ring, and apparently mine is too large, because I completed the number of repeats in the directions, and I was nowhere near close enough to join and finish the round (without creating another basket!). No problem, I think; I'll just add one more repeat and add another point to the snowflake. So it will be a little bit asymmetrical. I finish round one.

Part 3: Upon completion of climbing out to round 2, I realize that something looks wonky. This isn't the right ring, and of course, I've already closed it and chained to the next one. Sigh. This adventure is getting to be less than wonderful. Okay, what to do? I can't bear the thought of cutting and going back to fix the climb out, so I just keep doing what I was doing, making rings and chains and joining them to whatever I come upon next. The points of the snowflake have officially been abandoned.

End of adventure: Look at this cute ornament! No cutting, no more cussing, done. {I planned it this way all along, really I did}.


Mimi said...

Hi Joy, I really like your interpretation of Mary's pattern. That's what it is... no errors, all is symmetrical. Truly I would not have known you didn't intend this all along. So there :)

Jane Eborall said...

Hi Joy
As I've put the stages of this TIAS on web pages you can join in at any time. Actually day 1 was probably the hardest day of all!!!!

Clyde said...

Hi Joy, your motif looks like it was planned to turn out as it did all along and that is very nice.

TattingChic said...

Beautiful, Joy, I have yet to learn how to tat over a cabone ring or a button. You courage inspires me to try it.

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Your piece is beautiful! I know it was meant to look exactly as it does!

Sue F said...

It's really a nice design Joy. It would make a great wreath done out of green with red beads!
Sue Fuller

Sue F said...

It's really a nice design Joy. It would make a great wreath done out of green with red beads!
Sue Fuller