Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tatting at the Craft Show

One of our local fire departments had a fall craft show today, and I reserved a table for my tatted items (handkerchiefs, bookmarks, ornaments, & doilies). I didn't sell much - 2 handkerchiefs and 2 ornaments all day - but I had lots of interesting conversations and definitely did my part to show that tatting is not extinct. There were many people who took my information or left theirs expressing interest in having a class at the library when it fits into my schedule. My favorite quote was this one: "I've been looking for an old lady to teach me, but you're not an old lady!"


❦TattingChic said...

Hi Joy! Just stopped by to say hello. You are missed in blogland. Hope something came of the interest you sparked in tatting. You never know the little seeds you planted may bloom elsewhere someday.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Hello Joy!

As a member of the 25-Motif crowd, I like to check on ‘Past Participants’ to see what they’re up to. As a fellow Pennsylvanian I was interested in your fair entries (congrats on your well deserved ribbons!)

I’ve wanted to comment on your posts but somehow I never did. You started your blog in Feb 2008 and already finished 25 motifs by the time I joined in late July! Then you did a second round and finished THAT before your blogaversary! And with a full-time job! Your family tatting history (wonderful legacy!) is quite unique among tatters – which I hope will continue with your daughter! (That’s a special shuttle she is using!)

Love the butterfly – thanks for the notes. I’d like to try it. Possibly it WAS from the Workbasket, since you inherited an enviable collection!

Hope your arm and hand are better – that was a scary accident! Are you going to teach the person who was surprised that you are so young? LOL!

job said...