Friday, April 18, 2008

Update to the Update

I have made some choices for the dresser scarf - a floral painted design and a pink variegated edging. When the thread arrives from Handy Hands, I can get started. BTW, does anyone know of any other variegated size 30 threads besides Omega? It's the only one I've been able to find, and ideally I'd like to work with something a bit more crisp. I'm not complaining - would just like to know all of my options.

The small square doily has been scrapped after at least 5 starts. I've decided that I'm just not ready to tackle that design yet. I need some more practice. So . . . tonight it was back to the comfortable hen and chicks edging. I painted a simple design onto a tea towel and will sew the h&c onto it when it is finished (about 12 more inches).

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Clyde said...

Instead of a variegated size 30 thread I would recommend a hand dyed size 50 thread from Yarnplayer
the thread tats up wonderfully and the colour blends make your project very unique.