Monday, March 31, 2008

Round Robin and 25 Motif Challenge - #10

I'm into double digits for the challenge - whoo hoo! This little tree is from a pattern in A New Twist on Tatting by Catherine Austin and is tatted with size 30 Omega thread. I like the patterns in this book because they have that vintage feeling to them. I think I am actually starting to find my style, at least for now.
I can also see this pattern done in a solid green with beads scattered here and there and a star bead on the top chain. That might make a cute tree ornament.


Gina said...

Great job! These kinds of trees also look great done in white with colored beads or in gold or silver with matching beads.
:-) Gina aka Tatting Goddess

NormaH said...
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NormaH said...

Beautiful tree Joy, I've worked it in solid green using the Workbasket pattern, but I really like your shaded tree.