Friday, July 11, 2008

Tagged Again!

Wow, I guess I'm "it" again :) Aileen's Wicked Tats has tagged me.

So . . .Here are the rules:
1. Link back to the person that tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Share 6 unimportant things about yourself.
4. Tag 4 people at the end of your entry.

About Me

1. I can't seem to learn the "running man" dance move, no matter how hard my daughter tries to teach me.

2. I watch television programming for preschoolers in Spanish to help me with the language, since I don't have anyone with whom to converse.

3. I've recently survived my 40th birthday (still getting used to the idea).

4. I don't know how to take a bus in a city. Living in rural areas my entire life, it's something I've just never learned. In March 2007, I took a business trip to New York City and (with a friend's help) took the subway and a taxi, but no bus yet.

5. I read 35 books in 2007 for "pleasure reading"; that would be ones that I didn't need to read for work.

6. I want a cookie.

And now . . . TAG* to
Tatted Lace Treasures (Tara)
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snowy's tatting
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*Please don't feel obligated to participate. Just know that I visit your blogs regularly and appreciate having you as part of my cyber-circle of friends!


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Very interesting... I'm not sure what the running man dance is... must be my age! What a great way to learn Spanish! 40th!? I'm old enough to be your teen-aged mother! I used the bus all the time growing up in Philadelphia, but haven't been on one in years... I think I'd get lost trying to ride one now! I used to read a lot, but now I'm addicted to tatting, so it takes me much longer to read a book! Gotta go... I hear Pecan Sandies calling my name! ; )

TattingChic said...

HOw fun. You are braver than I. SOmeone tagged me a second time right after the first and I just turned it down...LOL! It's always fun to learn more about each other other than tatting sometimes! I loved pecan a teenager I ate myself sick on them...ONCE...LOL. I think that kind of wore out my love for them. They're so yummy, tho'!

***Jon**** said...

Joy, thank you for thinking of me. I have to apologise up front. I am not very good at playing this. I always have difficulty in thinking what to list, which is a contradiction really, if you think about it. I can't think of anything to write .. that means there are so many unimportant thing about me, Yet nothing comes to mind, hu .. hu .. hu :-( ... how much more ordinary can my life be!

On the other hand, what you have listed are not 'unimportant', more like memorable. I have a feeling that you'll smile to yourself each time the thought of you and your daughter doing (trying to do) the running man dance comes to mind.